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What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils and plant extracts have been used for decades in ancient civilizations in aiding an individual’s health both physically, mentally and spiritually. Although the two are sometimes used interchangeable, they are actually different from each other in terms of extraction, potency, and use. Both types are derived from plant parts, however, essential oils require a more intense extraction process via distillation, while plant extracts are soaked in liquids for a long period of time. While essential oils are mostly used for aromatherapy and massage due to their medicinal properties and more potent smell, plant extracts on the other hand are used more for cooking and perfumes.

Why use Bell Tree 

Home & Personal Use Essential Oils

Bell Tree Home and Personal Use Essential Oils are produced with great care and with effectiveness in mind. The products are derived from natural raw materials that are meticulously selected for their healing capabilities. To ensure the quality and purity of our products, we use distillation as a form of extraction and use tested ways of mixing and bottling to retain the effectiveness of the final products.

With Bell Tree, you can have peace of mind that the raw materials are trusted, the process tested, and the mindset is geared towards your better health!

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