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What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are produced from extracting highly concentrated liquid from a plants’ flowers, leaves, roots, bark, fruits and other parts. There are different ways of obtaining the oil, but the most popular one is through steam distillation. Essential oil has been around for centuries as a natural and effective way to cure diseases and promote healing in mind, bod and spirit. With the growing need for alternative medicine as a means to complement or substitute existing drugs, essential oil has been proven powerful and effective.

Why use Bell Tree

Essential Home Sprays

Bell Tree Essential Home Sprays is a collection geared towards healing by bottling the healing properties of plants, and using mist bottles for effective introduction of the product through the bloodstream via inhalation. Our products are made with great care and with effectiveness in mind. Thus, the oils are derived from natural raw materials that are meticulously selected for their healing capabilities. To ensure the quality and purity of our products, we use distillation as a form of extraction and use tested ways of mixing and bottling to retain the effectiveness of the final products.

With Bell Tree, you can have peace of mind that the raw materials are trusted, the process tested, and the mindset is geared towards your better health!

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